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What’s New

4.1: New Items by woodworker Maeda Mitsuru in our shop.
3.25: New items by woodworker Kobayashi Katsuhisa in our shop.
3.25: Blog post about tea.
3.12: New bowls by Hanako Nakazato in our shop.
3.12: Blog post about Hanafuda or flower cards.
2.25: Blog post about Furuta Oribe. Part II
2.14: Winners of 2014 Valentine’s Day Haiku Contest.
2.14: New work by Ito Akinobu in our shop.
2.11: Blog post about Furuta Oribe: Part I
2.1: Call for entries for 2014 Valentine’s Day Haiku Contest enter by 2.12!!
1.28: Nerikomi ceramics by Sakai Mika in our shop
1.28: Blog post about patterned ceramics by Sakai Mika.

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