What’s New

11.25: New tea utensils by master tea whisk maker Tanimura Tango in our shop.
11.20: New slipware ceramics by Kubota Kenji in our shop
11.20 Blog post about Japanese potter Kubota Kenji.
11.2: New ceramics by Norwegian potter Elisa Helland-Hansen in our shop.
10.27: New ceramics made in Maine by Hanako Nakazato in our shop.
10.16: 88 porcelain cups by Peter Pincus in our shop.
10.16: Blog post about KotoKoto’s third anniversary and 88 by Peter Pincus.
9.22: Ceramic work by Kenneth Pincus in our shop.
9.22: Blog post about potter Kenneth Pincus in Oregon.
9.14: New wood work by Kobayashi Katsuhisa in our shop.

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