What’s New

8.21:Blog post about The Gawky Chajin Part II.
8.4: Blog post about the fun of exploring local specialty foods in Japan.
8.1: Indigo dyed table runners by Rowland and Chinami Ricketts are back in stock.
7.22: New work by Ito Akinobu in our shop
7.21: Blog post about The Gawky Chajin.
7.17: New ash baskets by Alice Ogden in our shop
7.15: Ceramics by Birdie Boone in our shop.
6.30: New items by master tea whisk maker Tanimura Tango in our shop.
6.27: Blog post about Nabeshima ceramics and Imaizumi Imaemon kiln in Arita Japan.
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