What’s New

4.22: New tea utensils by master tea whisk craftsman Tanimura Tango in our shop.
3.25: New work by Kenneth Pincus in our shop.
3.22: Tokyo Tenugui by Harada Fumiko in our shop.
3.22: Blog post about Japanese textile designer Harada Fumiko.
3.21: Blog post about Japanese cotton towel Tenugui.
2:29: Porcelain Bud Vases by Kikuchi Yuka in our shop
2.26: Cast iron kettles by Yokotsuka Yutaka in our shop.
2.26: Blog post about Yokotsuka Yutaka and his Japanese cast iron kettles.
2.19: Ceramic work by Didem Mert in our shop.
2.19: Blog post about ceramic artist Didem Mert.
2.12: New nerikomi ceramics by Sakai Mika in our shop.

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