Studio KotoKoto will hold an online cup sale, Hearty Cuppa, at 9:00am PST next Tuesday, February 5th to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


Kristen Kieffer’s beautiful yunomi displays her characteristic surface decoration of stamped images accented with trails of slip, Mishima inlay, and pops of color. (Photo by Studio KotoKoto)

“Cuppa” is an English garbled term for a cup of tea that comes from rolling the words “cup of” into a single, quick expression. We at KotoKoto love tea in all its forms: hot, iced, green, black, with milk, or herbal. Moreover, tea drinking for us is a much-needed pause for reflection during a busy day. Although a paper cup will do in a pinch, we prefer our favorite beverage in a lovely handmade vessel.


Popular Japanese clay artist Ito Akinobu’s work is so appealingly warm and charming that he can barely keep up with demand. He thoughtfully makes each cup with a lid to ensure that coffee and tea stay hot. (Photo by Studio KotoKoto)

The “hearty” part of “Hearty Cuppa” has many connotations. For the tea addicts at KotoKoto, it means a strong brew. For others of the non-tea persuasion, it can also mean cheerful, energetic, and friendly. But perhaps the most powerful expression is the term’s connection to love, especially with the approach of Valentine’s Day.


Diana Fayt is a modern-day scrimshander, or scrimshaw artist, whose medium is clay. Diana’s delightful images are surrounded by interesting details etched into her pieces–even on the bottoms. (Photo by Studio KotoKoto.)

February 14th originally was a religious celebration to honor the martyred Saint Valentine in 496 AD. By the Middle Ages, it assumed romantic undertones. In 1382, English poet Geoffrey Chaucer made the first written mention of romantic love tied to that day.


These glass cups by Nitta Yoshiko represent the first showing of her work in the United States. Nitta-san’s work is highly detailed with each piece exhibiting slight differences. In addition, all works are carefully inscribed with her name. (Photo by Studio KotoKoto)

Fast forward to Studio KotoKoto in 2013. We have plenty of love to share! Sappy but true. We love handmade and we know from experience that using and sharing pieces made with love makes our lives better and more rewarding.


Peter Pincus’ technique is one of his own creation, involving complex molds and layer upon layer of colored porcelain slip. The result is sophisticated and stunning. (Photo by Studio KotoKoto)

Hearty Cuppa will feature beautiful work by Studio KotoKoto’s magnificent dozen artists: Birdie Boone, Marc Digeros, Diana Fayt, Ayumi Horie, Ito Akinobu, Kristen Kieffer, John Miyazawa, Hanako Nakazato, Nitta Yoshiko, Peter Pincus, Joseph Pintz, and Sakai Mika.


Sakai Mika’s nerikomi works feature intriguing patterns and color combinations that inevitably require a second look. (Photo by Studio KotoKoto)

Come and visit our Hearty Cuppa event next week to find a unique handmade cup and pass along a distinctive expression of your love this Valentine’s Day.

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  1. kim kubiak says:

    nothing like holding the perfect cup of tea in ones hands!!!

  2. […] out their lovely blog post about the show, which includes cups by potter faves Diana Fayt, Ayumi Horie, Birdie Boone, Peter […]

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